In re Bank of America Corp. Sec. Litig., No. 09 MDL 2058 (DC) (S.D.N.Y.)

The parties in the Bank of America consolidated securities class action reached an agreement to settle the action for a total of $2.425 billion in cash and certain corporate governance enhancements to be implemented or continued by Bank of America Corporation (“BoA”), which has been approved by the Court.

On April 5, 2013, the Honorable P. Kevin Castel held a hearing to consider the Settlement and related matters. Following the hearing, Judge Castel entered a Judgment approving the Settlement, an Order Approving Plan of Allocation of Net Settlement Fund, and an Order Awarding Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses.

If you are a member of the Class defined in paragraph 1 of the Settlement Notice, your rights will be affected and you may be eligible for a payment from the Settlement. Please be sure to read the Settlement Notice to fully understand your rights. Copies of the Settlement Notice and Claim Form can be obtained from the menu on the left side of this page.


April 25, 2013 Claim Filing Deadline. The postmark deadline for submission of a claim form was April 25, 2013.

Update: Claims processing in connection with the settlement of this litigation has been completed. Because several appeals were taken from the approval of the Settlement, a distribution of the settlement proceeds could not be made until those appeals were finally resolved. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its ruling affirming the judgment of the District Court approving the Settlement, and the time to seek any further appeal or review of that decision has expired.

On April 13, 2015, Lead Plaintiffs filed their Motion for Approval of Distribution Plan and supporting papers with the Court. Lead Plaintiffs’ Motion requests, among other things, the Court’s authorization to distribute the settlement proceeds to claimants whose claims have been approved for payment by the Court.

On May 4, 2015, the Court issued an Order, among other things, approving Lead Plaintiffs’ proposed plan for distribution of the settlement proceeds, approving Garden City’s determinations with respect to the acceptance and rejection of the claims submitted, and authorizing distribution of the settlement proceeds to claimants whose claims have been approved for payment. The Claims Administrator is currently performing the tasks necessary to conduct the distribution to Authorized Claimants. We expect that payments to Authorized Claimants will be made at the end of June 2015.

You can view the Court’s Order by clicking on the “District Court Documents” tab on the left-hand side of this website. Please continue to check this website for updates regarding the status of the distribution of the settlement proceeds. When the distribution transpires, it will be posted on this website.


The State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio, the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, Stichting Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn, represented by PGGM Vermogensbeheer B.V., and Fjärde AP-Fonden are Court-appointed Co-Lead Plaintiffs and are represented by lead counsel Kessler Topaz, Bernstein Litowitz, and Kaplan Fox in this securities fraud class action arising out of the merger between Bank of America Corp. ("BoA") and Merrill Lynch & Co ("Merrill") announced on September 15, 2008 and that closed on January 1, 2009.

On September 25, 2009, Co-Lead Plaintiffs filed their Consolidated Amended Class Action Complaint (the "CAC"). The gravamen of the CAC is that, throughout the Class Period, Defendants violated the federal securities laws by making a series of highly-material false statements and omissions concerning: (1) Defendants' secret agreement to allow Merrill to pay, on an accelerated basis and prior to the close of the Merger, up to $5.8 billion in bonuses to its executives and employees; (2) Merrill's undisclosed losses, which were in excess of $15 billion during October and November 2008 alone; (3) BoA's own unprecedented losses; (4) the internal debate prior to the shareholder vote on the Merger amongst senior BoA officers concerning invoking the material adverse change clause ("MAC") in the Merger agreement, as a result of Merrill's massive losses; (5) BoA senior management's decision to invoke the MAC within days of the shareholder vote; (6) BoA's agreement to proceed with the Merger only after the Secretary of the Treasury threatened to fire BoA's senior management and the Board if they invoked the MAC; and (7) the $138 billion taxpayer bailout BoA required to close the Merger.

The truth about Merrill's financial condition and its materially adverse impact on BoA was not revealed until January 12, 2009, and investors did not learn of the massive taxpayer bailout until January 15. On January 21, 2009, investors finally learned that despite Merrill's staggering losses, BoA had allowed Merrill to pay $3.6 billion in bonuses before the merger closed. As these facts became known, the price of BoA common stock plummeted from $12.99 per share to a low of $5.10 per share, causing a market capitalization loss of approximately $50 billion.



Gregory M. Castaldo
David Kessler
Sean M. Handler
Darren J. Check
Sharan Nirmul
Jennifer L. Joost
Richard A. Russo, Jr.
Joshua D'Ancona

Max W. Berger
Gerald H. Silk
Hannah G. Ross
John J. Rizio-Hamilton
Katherine M. Sinderson

Robert N. Kaplan
Frederic S. Fox
Joel B. Strauss
Donald R. Hall
Hae Sung Nam
Melinda D. Campbell
Irina Kobylevsky
Damien H. Weinstein
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